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Five Alarm Touch Scarlet Wilde

Five Alarm Touch

Scarlet Wilde

Kindle Edition
15 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

David had waited for this moment to have Felicia’s talented and oiled hands on his body.Warning: This SHORT STORY Is suitable for 18+ only. It features hot sex.Excerpt:Felicia snapped herself back to the present and looked up at him.“I was wondering if you could squeeze me in.”Boy could I, and it would be my pleasure. She stepped back and let him into her apartment. “What is wrong?”“I pulled a muscle in my back.”That is when she noticed that the entire time they stood there he leaned slightly to the left, and hand supporting the small of his back. Her erotic fantasies disappeared to be replaced with concern. “What happened?” She looked him over.Was this the date? Ever since she learned the men in their group of friends intended to relive the first date, or encounter, but with it ending the way they really wanted to do at that time instead of a kiss at the door, she had been waiting. And, since the first time he came to her was for a pulled muscle she wondered if he was inventing one now.